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When winter settles on North America, summer is just beginning south of the equator, and Chimehuín Safaris is gearing up for the ultimate fly-fishing experience in scenic Patagonia.

Located in the Andes Mountains, the northern region of Patagonia offers fishing for rainbows, browns and brook trout as well as landlocked salmon. Enjoy the beauty of this expansive land while floating the Aluminé, Caleufu or Collón Curá Rivers. Spend a day casting to "risers" on the Malleo River or pursue the fish of a lifetime on the Traful or Chimehuín Rivers.

Chimehuín Safaris provides the definitive, all-inclusive fly-fishing experience. Our guides have access to some of the most exclusive riverbanks in Patagonia Argentina, offering the best possible fishing in a private setting.

Our staff of English-speaking guides will escort you throughout your stay. They take great pride in their many years of experience and are eager to share the finest in fishing, lodging, food and service Argentina has to offer.


There are many different ways to spend a fishing trip in the Lakes District of northern Patagonia.

Daily trips leave from town, wading or floating different rivers in the region; optional camping trips for one or two nights; others are enjoying the great accommodations that the different lodges on the Estancias around the region have to offer, or a combination of them all having the opportunity to experience every way and every place to approach trout at these wonderful locations.

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