Matias Aranguren (Co-owner)

Son of the founder of Chimehuín Safaris he now owns the company together with his mother Cristina.
Matias has been fishing all his life next to his father and has started to guide when he is not studying at the University in Buenos Aires. Apart from guiding he assists in all different aspects of the business.

Jorge Knüll (Logistics, Booking, Accounting)

The gentleman behind the scene, Jorge will take care of your reservation and will give you all the information needed for you trip as well as making sure everything goes as planned when you arrive. He will be assigning the guides, arranging transportation, and ensuring the satisfaction of our guests.

Jose Luis "Pepa" Concaro (Head Guide)

Pepa has been working for Chimehuin Safaris for over 15 years in all the rivers of the area. He has a master's degree in Business and is a wonderful Chef but all that became insignificant when he fell in love with San Martin de los Andes where he decided to dedicate his life to Fly Fishing.

Sandro Gonzalez (Guide)

Ever since the beginning of Chimehuin Safaris, Sandro has been beside Ramon Aranguren assisting with the float trip, logistics and every other aspect. Collecting a world of knowledge of the area as well as the fishing itself he is now one of the most experienced guides we count on.

Hernan Zorzit (Guide)

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