Arroyo Verde Estancia


Fishing and outdoor activities Lodge

The Estancia is located on the north shore of the Traful River surrounded by more than 10,000 acres of private land with valley and amazing rock formations.

The Lodge main house hosts the living room, fireplace and dining area, all very spacious with every little detail thought after. You will be hosted by the Meme Lariviere (Landowner) and her family, and you will receive a real "Cordon Blueu" service.

Ernest Schwiebert lodged here numerous times over the years, and he holds the record for a 19lb Landlocked Salmon caught on April 14th 1991.

Forbes Magazine once quoted: “The Best Fishing Lodge in The World Period” when describing this lodge.

The lodge offers plenty of extra activities for guests such as horseback riding, trekking, birding, and much more.

Food + Drink

Breakfast is normally served at the dining room between 8:30-9:00 a.m.
It normally includes homemade marmalades, bread and cooked to order eggs and bacon. Tea, coffee and mate are always available.
Upon request fruits and yoghurt can be added.

Lunch is usually served at the lodge around 2:00pm, but there is also the option to request a picnic and stay on the river, this needs to be decided the night before. Lunches normally consist on starter dish either salad or soup, followed by a main course with meat (beef or chicken) with a few sides and dessert afterwards.

Dinner is normally served after drinks and cocktails, usually around 9:30-10:00p.m. Earlier dinner times can be arranged, especially if you skipped afternoon fishing. Dinners also consist on multi course meals, mainly fish, pasta or chicken and a great variety of homemade soups.

Soft drinks, beers, flavored water and mineral water are at your disposal at all times. Hot drinks like tea, chocolate or coffee can be requested as well.
Cocktail time at the bar is normally around 8:30 pm., you will find a regular selection of local wine, gin, whisky, vodka and other spirits.

River Access

The Traful river starts off Lake Traful, with well-defined pools and runs with the typical characteristics of a Scottish salmon river, then its turns into a freestone with runs and some great deep pools and by the end of the property it turns into a heavy torrent river with great pocket water.

The fishing can be really challenging at times, even for the experienced angler. Sight fishing and precise casting are required to lure these fish in the crystal-clear water.

It is one of the clearest rivers in Patagonia and world famous because of the big fish that lurk in its pools and runs. This river can hold brown trout, rainbow trout and it is one of the only rivers in Argentina that has landlocked salmon (Salmo Salar Sebago).

Joyful and adventurous Patagonian journeys are something to remember

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