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San Martin de los Andes is our base during the floating trips and daily trips.
From here we can float:

  • Aluminé River, we can do 1-day float trips, 2 or 3 days with overnight camping trips. It is a very scenic river, flowing though great canyons, as it slows down it resembles a tailwater but still being a freestone.
  • Collón Cura River, we can do 1-day float trips, 2 or 3 days with overnight camping trips. It is a very large river, with multiple branches which can prove really good as they are coverd with willow trees and lots of insect life.
  • Caleufu River (only from November until the middle of January), only possible in 3 days floating with overnight camping. Rainbows and Browns are available in good quantity per rod daily.
  • Chimehuin River, this river is one of Argentina’s most recognized rivers, it can be floated in 1 day trips or 2 days with overnight camping. It is a challenging river with lots of willows on the banks, with great riffles and places to stop and wade along the way.
  • Limay River

*_In the floating trips we use NRS, or Avon-class 14' rubber rafts, or fiberglass Ro drifts boats or aluminum Hyde drift boats (or similar). These give us access to unpressured stretches of the rivers, sometimes with unforgettable fishing. We provide the tents (five men dome tents, two fishermen each), cots with inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags with liners for overnight camping. We also provide all the tables, chairs and gear for a comfortable campsite during the floating trips.

Most rivers have good dry fly fishing and excellent nymph fishing. It not uncommon to land several fish a day. Streamers are also a great option, specially by the end of February as the minnows start hatching and moving up the rivers. (specially the colon cura and the Caleufu).

The recommended equipment can range from 4wt to 8wt rods, either 8 foot or 9 foot. Using the lighter rods on windless and smaller streams and going into the heavier rods for larger rivers or on windy days.

Large arbor reels are prefered, if possible with at least 75yds of backing on them.
Floating lines are mostly what we use, with the occasional sink tip line to use on larger river in the pursuit of a trophy fish.

From San Martin de los Andes we can also go lake fishing, by trolling, spinning or fly from boats in several lakes.

Joyful and adventurous Patagonian journeys are something to remember

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