Mamuil Malal Estancia


Working Ranch and Lodge

The lodge is situated along the south shore of the Malleo river, surrounded by the Andes Mountain range. To the west you can appreciate the true guardian of the land, the Lanin volcano. A massive 3776 meters (12,293 feet) extinct volcano.

You will be hosted by Bertil and Dolores Grahn, owners and managers of the ranch. Their family established in this land over 100 years ago, back in the days the government issued work permits and land titles to settlers.
The main house has been remodeled over the years, and you can see the different influences each generation incorporated in the design,
from European to argentine gaucho.

Mamuil Malal also breeds polo ponies.

They have their own polo team, and several of the family member play and practice through the week on their own field by the estancia.

The house is built on three levels.

On the ground level you have a large living room with its own fireplace, couches and dining table. In a smaller room on the side, you have the bar, where there will be drinks and cocktails every night before dinner, an ideal spot to share your daily stories.

Food + Drink

Breakfast is normally served at the dining room between 8:30-9:00 a.m.
It normally includes homemade marmalades, bread and cooked to order eggs and bacon. Tea, coffee and mate are always available.
Upon request fruits and yoghurt can be added.

Lunch is usually served at the lodge around 2:00pm, but there is also the option to request a picnic and stay on the river, this needs to be decided the night before. Lunches normally consist on starter dish either salad or soup, followed by a main course with meat (beef or chicken) with a few sides and dessert afterwards.

Dinner is normally served after drinks and cocktails, usually around 9:30-10:00p.m. Earlier dinner times can be arranged, especially if you skipped afternoon fishing.

All meals are home cooked and prepared in a old school firewood cast-iron oven. Dinners are also three course meals, with the addition of pastas or deep-fried empanadas (stuffed meat or ham and cheese).

Soft drinks, beers, flavored water and mineral water are at your disposal at all times. Hot drinks like tea, chocolate or coffee can be requested as well.
Cocktail time at the bar is normally around 8:30 pm., you will find a regular selection of local wine, gin, whisky, vodka and other spirits.

River Access

The Malleo is a well-known river because of its demanding fishing situations. It’s considered a technical river with a lot of match the hatch situations.

It starts from Lago Tromen, flowing first like a slow-moving river with a meadow area, meandering back and forth creating grass banks and undercut coves. It then transforms into a mountain freestone, with dropping riffles and deeper pools before it goes into a canyon and a freestone again until it merges with the Aluminé.

Wading is very easy in the meadow and upper area, it starts getting more challenging and difficult in some spots as It flows down.The fish are almost equal browns and rainbows with the occasional brook trout.

Joyful and adventurous Patagonian journeys are something to remember

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