Tres Ríos Casa de Campo


Fishing and hunting Lodge

The house is overlooking the Chimehuin and Collón Curá rivers. It can accommodate one group at a time so our guests can enjoy the privacy this place offers. It is one of the newest lodges in the area with all the modern comforts anyone can expect.

Lucas Rodriguez (the owner) and his daughter Camila will be your host during your stay here. The main house has 3 guest rooms, each with a private bathroom, a kitchen with a see-through glass, an amazing living-room and bar overlooking the Collón Curá river and an ample dining-room.

From this place we have access to the confluence of the Chimehuin with Alumine and Collón Cura River. We can float or wade on the Chimehuin River (over 20 miles). By the end of the season wading can be spectacular.
We can also float or wade both the Alumine or the Collon Cura, with short drives each way.(10 and 20 miles of water

Food + Drink

Breakfast is normally served at the dining room between 8:30-9:00 a.m.
It includes homemade marmalades, bread and cooked to order eggs and bacon, fruits and pastries. Upon request special orders can be added.
Tea, coffee and Argentine “mate” are always available.

Lunch is usually served at the lodge around 1:30/2:00pm, but there is also the option to request a picnic and stay on the river, this needs to be decided the night before. Lunches normally consist of a starter dish, followed by a main course with meat (beef or chicken) with a few sides and dessert afterwards. Outside Asados, will normally be held once during your trip
Tea or coffee if requested.

Dinner Dinner is normally served after drinks and cocktails, usually around 9:30-10:00p.m. Earlier dinner times can be arranged, especially if you skipped afternoon fishing, or later in the season as days star getting shorter.
All meals are gourmet and prepared by Tres Rio’s professional.
Dinners also consist of multi course meals.

Soft drinks, beers, flavored water and mineral water are at your disposal at all times. Hot drinks like tea, chocolate or coffee can be requested as well.
Cocktail time at the bar is normally around 8:30 pm., you will find a regular selection of local wine, gin, whisky, vodka and other spirits.

River Access

Chimehuin river begins at Lago Huechulafquen. This place is known as the world famous "Mouth of the Chimehuin" or "Boca of the Chimehuin.” Here is where the 25.5 lbs. Argentina's Brown Trout record with a Yellow Blonde streamer was caught, and with a dry fly (Black Caddis) another Brown of 15.7 lbs. Jose “Bebe” Anchorena owns both records.

It is a typical freestone river with lots of side channels and islands. It runs for approximately 34 miles before merging with the Collón Curá river. It starts off with fast water typical of high gradient rivers, rapidly changing into a medium gradient stream with moderate current and numerous pools, riffles and runs.

The stream beads are composed mostly of large gravel and boulders.
It is a great river with a lot of variety of runs and pools, and you can catch browns and rainbows on dries, wets or nymphs.

Joyful and adventurous Patagonian journeys are something to remember

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