Collón Curá River


It’s safe to say this is one of the big boys of the area.

Two of the biggest rivers around (the Aluminé and the Chimehuin) are its main tributaries. Wider than any other river on the area, it’s filled with riffles and runs.

The riverbed is composed of small boulders and a mixture of sand. By mid-season big islands appear enclosing “pools” of water sometimes housing big trophies.

Floating this river is necessary otherwise the distance between spots or access to various places along the way is very difficult. As you float along, the river branches out and forms several side channels that can have amazing wade fishing.

Wet wading is normally the rule from mid-December to the end of March.

Early January to mid-February the green willow worm hatch occurs, and the fish get keyed on these little guys, its normal to find big pods of rainbows just waiting under the willow trees. Moving towards mid-February and until the end of the season there’s a very interesting migration of alevins or fry of last year hatch, making fishing spectacular.

The Collón Curá can have some monster fish anytime during the season, but during the minnow hatch or late in the season migrating fish will come up the river ready for spawning.

  • Collón Cura River, we can do 1-day float trips, 2 or 3 days with overnight camping trips. It is a very large river, with multiple branches which can prove really good as they are coverd with willow trees and lots of insect life.


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